Born in North Wales 1978, JD Roth-Round worked as a stagehand at various theatres across Manchester for more than a decade, where his taste for acting grew as he began taking private tuition.  Once he moved to London in 2011, he began working at the famous Lillian Baylis and Peacock theatres, finding his feet as an actor in the increasingly competitive industry and landing small walk-on roles within TV & Film.  JD also found a love for screenwriting, with an interest in the 'thriller' genre, spending his free time to create his own professional film scripts as well as writing his very first novel.

       In 2014, JD landed the lead role in the TV pilot '2024', directed by Tony Ogunyinka, who he would later work with on one of his own films called 'Faro'. JD has studied under the famous LA acting tutor, Ivana Chubbuck, on her masterclass module as well as attending the widely known Identity School of Acting. With an interest in darker, layered characters, he is drawn to the diversity of 'bad guy' roles, where the use of accents, method acting and life experiences, built his skills as a character actor.

"Bad guy's have it all! Great dialog, action and charisma. They get to cause a lot of trouble, kill other characters and even get their own death scene. It's everything an actor can perform within just one role!"  

                                                                                           - JD Roth-Round

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